Solo Unlimited Items (ALL Collectables or Items)

  1. Locate Item to be collected and Stand near the item for 3-5 minutes to set spawn Point location
  2. Pause, go to “story” then click on “exit game” This will take you to the games Main Menu (this only has to be done Once for Each collectable)
  3. Load in to New Free Roam session (should spawn Near that Item)
  4. Locate any Object that can be Opened and Closed (A cabinet/drawer)
  5. Open and Close the Cabinet/Drawer 
  6. Collect item and look the Icon pop up on the right side of the screen
  7. After getting the Item Icon on screen Disconnect Internet and Reconnect internet
  8. Load in to new free roam session and Rinse and Repeat Steps 4-7 until inventory is full
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