Solo Car Duplication Glitch (Garage Radio)


*MOC (Personal Vehicle Storgae with vare to be Duplicated stored inside).

*10 car garage with Fagio stored in slot 6

*Glitched scuba suit to drop Air tanks

  1. Equipt scuba suit as outfit and make you way to any body of water
  2. open interaction menu > style > Outfits and hover over any other saved outfit
  3. Jump or fall into the waterand once you see the airtank on back, immidiatly select another saved outfit from your interaction menu
  4. close interactipon menu, exit water, regester as CEO and Open interaction menu
  5. Select CEO > Management > Stlye and select left and right to the “none” option. (each time you do this it will drop a scuba tank on the ground.
  6.  Go inside of Bunker, Inside of MOC and pull the vehicle out into the bunker
  7. park on yellow square just behind the MOC, exit vehicle and exit bunker
  8. Go to your 10 Car garage without using any personal vehicles (Use CEO helicopter of Job teleport)
  9. Once inside of the garage use the Air tank Drop method as descibed earlier to push the Faggio next to the counter that has the radio sitting on it (leave a gap between faggio and counter)
  10. Pile tanks on either side of the faggio to and Get on and off the faggio (if you block both sides of the Faggio and get on and off it will teleport you and off and leave the faggios engine running)
  11. Stand between the counter and the faggio, facing the faggio. You should have the option to interact witht he radi in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  12. Tap Triangle + Left D-pad at the same time and Hold the Gas (L2 or LT) as your character is getting on the faggio (If done correctly your character will spawn outside of the garage on foot without the faggio) *if you spawn outside of garage on faggio you must resetup the glitch entirely*
  13. Go back to bunker without using any personal vehicle (Ceo Heli or Job Tele)
  14. Once inside the Bunker, hop inside of the car to be duplicated, pull up the the back of the MOC and Tap Right D-Pad to Store the vehicle
  15. Accept “personal vehicle storage is full” Alert  and it will place the vehicle in the MOC

**No Custome License Plates are required and Please sell within Your daily sell limits** (no more the 7 every 30 hours of real time and no more then 2 per hour)

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