Solo Car Duplication Glitch – Facility Desk

Solo Duplication Glitch Using the Facility Desk


-MOC with personal vehicle storage
-Someone in different targeting mode


1 Drive car you want dupe out of MOC and leave in bunker
2 Go to your Facility (Don’t use a personal vehicle)
3 Go to Desk Clerk on Right side
4 Walk along Desk and while walking toward corner of desk tap right D-pad to access desk menu and Quickly Open the Pause menu
5 Go to Criminal Enterprise Starter pack open and close
6 Go to Map and Change View to Outside View, Hover over blue Mission blip and Press Square (or X on xbox) 7 You should be on an Alert, Quickly Accept the alert and then Rapidly Tap Circle (B on Xbox) To back out of menu 8 At this point the job should not have started and it should say “loading” in bottom right corner of screen
9 Enter Free Elegy
10 Join someone in different targeting mode
11 Hold gas, Accept first alert, Decline Second, Accept job error alert
12 Go back to your bunker (Don’t use a personal vehicle)
13 Replace car in MOC

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