Magic Slot Tutorial + Related Glitches

Bike in Car Slot (First half)

  1. Garage slot #1 > BMX on the wall, 1 regular Car, and 1 Motorcyle of any kind in slot 10 or garage #1 (A vehicle that can be requested through the MC interaction menu)


Making Your Magic Slot (Magic car) 

  1. Garage #1 Must have BMX in regular car parking slot 10
  2. All Apartment Garages Owned must have every available Bike storage slot Filled with BMX’s
  3. Garages #1 and #6 Must be have every parking space Filled (fill with free elegys if need be)
  4. *Recommendation –  equip an Outfit that do not mind losing (any random saved outfit, possibility of losing that saved outfit)
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