Solo Property Sell Glitch (AFTER PATCH)


  1. Go to character you want to keep your outfits on 
  2. Buy the most expensive apartments that you can afford in slots 4 5 and 6 (if you do not have that much money you can purchase one for 100k but make sure you have like 75k left over) 
  3. Swap to your other character then purchase the Most expensive apartments in slot 4 5 6 (if your only using slot cause your poor you can just do slot 4) 
  4. Swap back to the 1st (Primary) character then go to story mode
  5. Once in story go to you home screen then go to your capture gallery. Press options on a video and hover over trim. Next double tap the ps4 home button and it will bring you back to the game
  6. Proceed to Start up an Invite Only Session, after accepting alert, as soon as you see a orange circle on the bottom right hand corner double tap psn home button and spam x to suspend
  7. Go back to GTA 5 and Load into it, You will get the Girl with Peace sign and shortly after you will get 2 alerts, Accept the First alert, wait one second and then accept the 2nd alert
  8. You will load into an Online session as your 2nd character, open the Phone and go to the internet > Dynesty 8 > Veiw all Properties > Select “Low end” and then Low to high option to Filter the cheapest properties to the top of the list.
  9. Select the cheapest porperty and proceed with purchase, it will then pull up the property interaction menu and replace property slot #4, this will trade out the property and give you the profit difference
  10. Repeat that process until you have replaced property slots 4, 5, and 6 with the cheapest properties and collected the profit.
  11. Glitch is done, to repeat, swap back to Primary character, then load back out to story mode and repeat steps 5-9

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