Facility Hiest Setup Skip + Bogdan Back to Back

Hiest Setup Skip Glitch

  1. Highlight the setup Block on the Control Panel
  2. Hold Square (to pay for setup) and just as you release Square, Tap Right D-pad at almost the exact same time as releasing Square
  3. Back out of Control Pannel
  4. Open interaction Menu> Facility Management> Heist Planning Screen> Turn the option to “off” and then Set it back to “on” 

Act 2 "The Bogdan Problem" B2B

  1. Must Be set up for the Facility Final Heist – The Bogdan Problem
  2. Setup the Mission where the Host is Only Getting 15% Cut and the Set the Other Person up With 85% Cut ($1,000,000)
  3. Run the Job as Normal (shown in the video Below)
  4. Upon the completion of the mission (Landing the Avenger in the Hanger at LS airport) 
  5. The Cut-scene will begin, at that moment the Host of the Job Will Close application
  6. The Cut-scene should continue on for the other participant and he will be paid out the 85% Cut
  7. The Host can Load back into GTA Online and the Final Heist will be available to be Played again. Already set-up and ready to go.
  8. Rinse and Repeate as many times as you like $1,000,000 every 10 Minutes or so for the participant.
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