DMO (Director Mode Online) Modded Car Drop

  1. Pre-Requirements
    Friend in closed friend/crew session
    1 friend/crew online to avoid joining others (You can use an empty crew too)
    Spawn location in an interior – An empty 10 car garage works best

    Edit: I am not the founder

    1. Hit director mode online like normal press exit on mission failed alert and enter DM

    2.Go to where you want your modded car to spawn in your friends session.

    3. Open the director mode menu and hover over the car you want to spawn Touchpad>Garage>TheCar

    4.Hold the touchpad again dont press O to close the DM menu

    5.Pause>Online>Join friends/Crew Members.

    6.When going into the clouds for the 3rd time hold the touchpad again and press X and press O twice.

    7.When loading into the online session you want to hold the touchpad and navigate to quit director mode
    dont press it yet and hover over it.

    8. Once you load down and see your house and the loading at the bottom of the screen hit quit director mode, an alert should pop up dont accept it your going to wait 20 seconds and decline it.

    9.You will be in your garage/interior teleport to where you are spawning the cars
    Rinse and repeat

    You will have to use GC2F to get these cars back for yourself so do it with someone you trust.


*SaveWizard PS4 Max –

*GTA Save Editor (To Mod your own Cars) –

*Modded Game Saves (Either One is fine) –

*Both Modded Game Save and Modded Cars!AsMQ6uzkn-OvrThwHUKSx6r60ZyP?e=uUMMP2

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