Daily Challenge Gold Glitch (Collect 6 items)

  1. Collect 5 or the 6 collectibles and locate a collectible Tarot Card to be the 6th and Final collectible  (inventory must not be full of the specific card)
  2. Stand near that card for about 3-5 minutes to set a spawn point location near the card
  3. Prepare method of quickly disconnecting your network (obviously this method varies depending on the platform you are on. (PS4 home>settings>network settings>highlight disconnect network and double tap PS home button to set shortcut 
  4. Stand in position to collect card, Open interaction menu (Left D-pad) Quickjoin> Story Mission on call and select story mission on call.
  5. Wait 2 seconds after selecting Story Mission OC and Proceed with collecting the card
  6. The screen will go gray as your character is holding the card, wait for the short black screen and the transition into a normal loading screen, at that moment quickly disconnect your network (should hear sound effect indicating you collected the card)
  7. Reconnect network and load into a Free Roam session.
  8. Once you spawn into this session you will notice you have collected the Gold for completing the challenge yet the challenge will still be incomplete for you to complete yet again. Rinse and Repeat steps 4-7 until your inventory is ful of that card and at that point you will need to sell all cards to Madam Nazar and continue on with glitch or Find another card that you do not have a full inventory of. 
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