AFK Peter Griffin Unlimited RP Jobs

  1. Log Into Rockstar Games Social Club
  2. Follow each of the 12 Links Provided Below
  3. Bookmark each of those Jobs
  4. Restart Gta 5 Online (or simply load into Creator mode and Back to Online)
  5. Create a New Playlist and Apply all 12 Jobs to that playlist
  6. Load into an Invite Only Session (Must be Invite Only for 999 Rounds)
  7. Start Playlist and Invite a Friend
  8. Either Rubber-band or Place Folded Paper into edge of LEFT Thumbstick so that it Faces 11 o’clock position (Mostly Up but slightly to the left – Also both you and your friend must place the LEFT Thumbstick in this exact position for Even Win/Loss Ratio) {this exact position prevents auto-kick for}
  9. **Notes** Only the LEFT thumbstick should be in this position and the Right thumbstick does not need to be in any position at all (i’ve ran this for almost 72 hours straight with no issues with this configuration) – Your will earn $1,500,000 and Rank 0-50 in a 12 hour period (obviously the higher the rank the more RP it takes to rank up so you will rank less as many times the higher rank you are (50-80 in 12 hours and so on)


Special Thanks To the Creator/Founder Husky_70_1 –


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