60 Car Rapid Dupe Glitch – Important Revise


    Access to the Casino Mission – “Cashing Out”

    Any 10 Car garage (The car you want to Duplicate and A Free Elegy RH8 for every dupe you want to make Stored Inside)

    Custom Liscense Plates on the Vehicle you are Duplicating *<MUST HAVE

    1.  Start the Mission and drive to the yellow circle as soon as you arrived
      drive to your apartment.

    2. Now go into the garage and drive the car out u want to overwrite.

    3. When you spawned with your car outside, Exit car and go back into Garage, Get into vehicle you want to duplicate and pull it out of the garage. Open Interaction Menu>Vehicle>Request Personal Vehicle. Wait 15-20 Seconds nothing will spawn in.

    4. Now drive the Car to be duplicated back into the garage and you will see it is duped

    5. Repeat Step 2-4 till your garage is full

    Founder: LiebeHardscopen

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